Let MoodTrek Help You Determine the Best Treatment.

Understand your patient’s story and customize care plans
to meet their unique needs.

Data showing variations in daily actions are pulled directly into the MPage in Millennium, allowing you to watch the impacts on a person, such as medication changes or an increase in physical activity. With this insight, you can easily focus on the patients who need the most assistance. By tracking the patients doing well and those struggling, the rest of the care team is able to focus on meeting the needs of the patients for whom they are best suited.


Patients track and rate their mood as often as it changes or set discreet reminders to record their mood.


Syncs to Fitbit® to track stats like pace, time, distance, walks and hikes or patients can manually log them.


Sleep quality, like restless sleep and time awake, can be automatically captured and synced with the app via Fitbit®.


Patients make a journal entry to capture important information at a moment’s notice.


Connect with your patients from the EMR to see their data on demand.


Patients can adjust privacy settings at any time, giving them complete control over what data is shared and with whom.


For your patients living with depression, sometimes it’s difficult to offer care they need when they need it most. Often it takes too long to get an appointment, or sessions seem too short. Sometimes it’s hard for them to recall their daily mood and activities between appointments. The data collected by your patients through the MoodTrek app builds a more complete picture of their journey so you can assess changes over time and determine the best treatment.


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